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Progressive Nation Enables You To Win

We build more than just beautiful websites. We create easy-to-use, accessible, and integrated digital tools for organizations, causes, campaigns, and advocacy movements that drive engagement and inspire action.

We help you capture data, gain insights from analytics, grow your base of support, move your people up the ladder of engagement, and turn strategy into results.   

With over 10 years of experience leading winning campaigns and advocacy movements locally and nationally, and even more experience designing tech tools for good, we provide clients with the digital infrastructure to bring their movement to life. 

Your Website: Easy-to-Use & Crafted with Care

Progressive Nation's web themes are not your standard NationBuilder website. Our themes come with over 30 custom features, which we've built based on our campaign and advocacy experience. These features are seamlessly integrated and easy-to-use, so you'll never have to touch a line of code again. Toggle into edit mode and edit away.

Seamless & Effortless Editing

Some popular features that are built into your website include content layout, social share images, countdown bars, image sliders, pop-up modals, multi-lingual translation, search features, and more. We are continuously releasing theme features that are accessible to all our clients, as well we have a comprehensive theme documentation that walks you through how to use every feature.

Popular Website Theme Features

We have over 90 clients across Canada,
the United States, and the United Kingdom

Who We Work With

As an engine for progress, we provide integrated digital add-on tools that are built right in

From door-to-door canvassing, coordinating a phone bank, keeping your constituency case files, or running one-click email campaigns, Progressive Nation websites can easily become your organizing hub. We've formed partnerships with leading service providers and offer a suite of digital add-ons that are integrated and accessible, built directly into your Nation. 

We set you up for success!

Let's Work Together!

We love working with progressive organizations to help bring your movement to life. We'd love to hear from you!