Be The Change Earth Alliance (BCTEA) is a Vancouver-based non-profit organization that provides education resources to secondary school teachers and students to promote sustainable socio-environmental change. NationBuilder and Progressive Nation have empowered them to efficiently overhaul, consolidate, and streamline their website and libraries – while expanding the scale, complexity, capabilities, and targeted customization of their online infrastructure.


When BTCEA decided to upgrade their website and online portal, they knew they needed more than just a modernization. Not only had their web theme and user interface fallen well behind the times, but accessing their extensive libraries of resources while simultaneously tailoring user experiences to the vastly different needs of their multiple audiences created significant technical challenges for their staff and users.

They also wanted to make it much easier for specific audiences – in this case, teachers and students – to navigate and access materials and resources that are specific to them.

BTCEA didn’t just need an upgrade, they needed a comprehensive reboot.

Enter Progressive Nation.


The immediate goals and tasks

Progressive Nation’s proven record of transforming and turbocharging websites into the heart of an efficient, integrated, and agile NationBuilder-based organizational backbone meant that they could approach the task with many more tools than usual. Their philosophy is to find and leverage efficiencies for clients in an ongoing, impactful, and highly cost-effective manner – and augment them with training so clients grow their own in-house expertise and better utilize the products and services they pay for.

In order to enable this transformation of scale, complexity, and targeted customization, Progressive Nation strategically created a number of microsites that were then re-integrated into the new comprehensive website. When approaching any challenge, they are committed to going beyond surface solutions, and pride themselves on delivering in-depth solutions for client websites that will deliver full value through engineering real efficiencies.


The tools and integrations

Donations became integrated, workflows were mapped out in order to automate processes, filters were strategically implemented to facilitate searches, BCTEA’s entire tag library was consolidated and leveraged, entire forms were completely rebuilt using custom fields, lengthy procedures were efficiently condensed... all of which led to cost savings for BCTEA because they no longer needed to use additional third-party services.

On top of that, Google Analytics was integrated and leveraged to distinguish between different audience types, track their needs, and feed that into the user experience and ongoing UI optimizations.

A Complete Transformation

Before & After

The power of progression

The difference has been staggering.

BCTEA’s website is modern, fresh, engaging, and impactful – in addition to being more navigable, logical, and decluttered. Searches are more efficient and lead to more relevant results. Contacts are now easier to manage using NationBuilder integrations. Filters efficiently facilitate information and resource searches.

Staff now appreciate the logical consistency, intuitiveness, and straightforward navigation of the new website, which has freed up their time and resources that were previously consumed by site navigation, processes, and searches.

“Working with Progressive Nation has been great, a really positive experience, and a transformative experience for our website,” says Executive Director George Radner. “I definitely recommend their services.”

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